[Advaita-l] Seven untebles of Advaita.

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>  There are actually 66 altogether.)  In the 20th century, the stalwart
> Advaitin scholar MM. N.S. Anantakrishna Shastri wrote a refutation called
> Shatabhushani.  (100 merits.)  This book is in Sanskrit and was published by
> Khemraj Shrikrishnadass.  I am not aware of any translations.
Actually there is another work refuting shatadUShaNI of swAmI kAshikAnanda
giri gi titled advaita-parishuddhi. It is in poetry form and was published
with a commentary from author himself. It's more precise. anantakR^iShNas
work goes to enough length, sometimes creating burden.

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