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Respected Sadananda ji,
Thank you very much for your clarification. It is really appreciated. That
is indeed the very final point, yet I'm still struggling on an
interpretative level of understanding, particularly where I deal with my
students. That is why I mentioned the problem of the Puranas etc. My search
Love and regards,

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Siddhartha - PraNAms

It shows that as long as one has BMI, delusion can take place if one is not
careful. In Ch. Up - Indra learns about the reality from Brahmaji who
conducts class once in every 32 years of His time. It is better to learn
here instead. 
Moksha involves clear understanding that I am not the BMI and anything
objectified is mithyaa only. A realized sage in scriptures screams out -
shRinvantu vishve amRitasya putraaH - ayo dhaamani divyaani santi .. List to
you all - the sons of immortality - and you too who are in the havens.. -
calling us all including the gods as sons of immortality - not sinners -
That is moksha is our birth right. 

Looking back at the posts - you can see how much of energy is being spend in
discussing Buddha is avataara or not or the silver that I was in the shell
is real etc. It is important to remind us all the very purpose of these
discussions - nay the very purpose of our lives.

Hari Om!

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This goes back to the very basic question....which Purana's and how much in
them should be accepted by a Hindu? 
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