[Advaita-l] Can a mithyA-vastu produce an effect? असत्यवस्तुनः अर्थक्रियाकारित्वम्

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2011/5/22 Praveen R. Bhat <bhatpraveen at gmail.com>

> Since you mentioned Chhandogya, another Sruti, to prove that everything is
> in everything, why wouldn't simple kuSha grass do instead of soma here?
> Clearly, Chhandogya has as much of soma in perspective as it has silver in
> nacre in small qty.

Simple. Because veda didn't prescribe it as an  alternative of soma.

Why can't one see those gold, diamonds or platinum instead of silver in
> nacre, why only silver? I'm hoping that the answer is not that there is
> more
> qty of silver that other things.

Because the defect of eye is not able to reveal gold, etc.

> Shouldn't this 'everything in everything' make one wonder why can't one see
> silver in rope and snake in nacre, etc?

Replied above.

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