[Advaita-l] buddha : according to purANas and other hindu-texts

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Siddhartha - PraNAms

It shows that as long as one has BMI, delusion can take place if one is not careful. In Ch. Up - Indra learns about the reality from Brahmaji who conducts class once in every 32 years of His time. It is better to learn here instead. 
Moksha involves clear understanding that I am not the BMI and anything objectified is mithyaa only. A realized sage in scriptures screams out - shRinvantu vishve amRitasya putraaH - ayo dhaamani divyaani santi .. List to you all - the sons of immortality - and you too who are 
in the havens.. - calling us all including the gods as sons of immortality - not sinners - That is moksha is our birth right. 

Looking back at the posts - you can see how much of energy is being spend in discussing Buddha is avataara or not or the silver that I was in the shell is real etc. It is important to remind us all the very purpose of these discussions - nay the very purpose of our lives.

Hari Om!

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This goes back to the very basic question....which Purana's and how much in them should be accepted by a Hindu? 

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