[Advaita-l] Can a mithyA-vastu produce an effect? असत्यवस्तुनः अर्थक्रियाकारित्वम्

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2011/5/21 Venkatesh Murthy <vmurthy36 at gmail.com>

> Namaste
> Even mud has gold and silver but they will be
> there in very small quantity. We cannot get gold and silver from mud
> lying in front of our house because the quantity is very small.

Being less in quantity doe not causes its extraction impossible. You must
extract that 'very small' quantity.
Moreover, if defective eyes see correctly, means silver, then they must see
correct quantity too. How is it that they see whole thing as silver and even
then are pramANa ?

> We may
> get only some Nano grams of gold from tonnes of mud. We may spend more
> than the gold value to get it from mud.

Leave mud. Extract from shell. That will be easier for you.

> Like this everything in the world contains everything but we cannot
> measure it.  But the law everything contains everything is correct.

These are words of a man blind with faith and lacking pramANas. Even those
rules of physics are shown in work at places. So, you can't compare with

> It
> cannot be tested always. It is coming from Chandogya Sruti.

If shruti tells about a pAralaukika thing, then I accept it. But existence
of silver in shell is not like that. So, shruti must be tested. Even
hundreds of shrutis can't make or prove a pot a cloth.

> Ato Yathartha Rupyadi Vijnanam Suktikadishu. The Jnana of Silver in
> Shell is true. Page 120.

Sorry, it is yet to be proved.


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