[Advaita-l] on the term Bauddhavatara.

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It is not that my mail to you was the first mail where I wrote about Lord Buddha and his philosophy, according to my understanding. My earlier mails on this topic have been available to all interested and you might have read those also. The earned mlembers are in a position to know  whether I wanted to disseminate information on Lord Buddha and his philosophy or to hold information tight to my chest. I also know that my replies will not satisfy everybody and I have no regret. As you want to refrain from replying to my  posts from now so also I shall be constarined to reciprocate the same.

Sunil KB

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OK. Sir, I'll do as you said.
But a person well versed in things related to buddha is expected to propound
any theory in a manner that others can understand and check its validity.
Whenever we talked, you always skipped to reply my objections and told me to
read. I'll do that. But, this is not what we expect from a learned person.
At least, we at group deserve to know the basis of your theory. We are
always taught : लक्षणप्रमाणाभ्यां वस्तुसिद्धिर्न प्रतिज्ञामात्रेण .  So, I
asked about pramANa always after you did pratiGYA.
Anyhow, you are not providing any solution or evidence and study is last
remedy and that is personal. So, I'll refrain from replying your posts from
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