[Advaita-l] samkalpa in sandhyavandana according to TN smartas

Stig Lundgren slu at bredband.net
Thu May 12 19:54:16 CDT 2011

> We generally don't say complete sankalpa in the pancaayatana puja
> either. But when I checked the Sringeri book on the panchayatana puja,
> the complete sankalpa was given. I have noticed that the complete
> sankalpa is not said in the nitya karmas, but in the naimittika (e.g.,
> shivaraatri) or the kaamya karmas the complete sankalpa is used.
> Rama

Yes, the Sringeri pancayatana puja (I assume you are referring to the 
booklet by Sri C. V. Giridhara Shastri) has the complete sankalpa, and so 
has also the pancayatana puja vidhi in the book "Nityahnikam", published by 
R.S. Vadhyar & Sons. However, in the laghu pancayatana puja as described in 
the book by Sri "Anna" Subramania Iyer, the sankalpa is just:

mamopAtta samasta duritakshaya dvArA srI parameshvara prItyartham 
pancAyatana pUjam karishye

But this may be due to the fact that this is a laghu puja vidhi. I was 
taught Shiva pancayatana puja by a close disciple of Sri Anna - a Tamil 
smarta - and he taught me the complete sankalpa, in accordance with the R. 
S. Vadhyar publication. This was also the way this man performed Shiva 
pancayatana puja every morning. He was a disciple of Sri Anna for many 

Warmest regards
Stig Lundgren

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