[Advaita-l] Adi Shankara,s birth date.

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Max Muller was honest. As soon as  he realized his mistake in the AIT time-line  he stopped supporting it. All are not equally honest.

BTW does anybody have the verses which Sundara Pandya reportedly lifted from Sankara's Sutrabhashya or even if some may think the reverse to be the case.?

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Dignaga was in the 8th century BCE and Dharmakirti was in 6th century BCE. Dr. Narahari Achar's astronomical dating of Lord Buddha in the 19th century BCE clears such doubts.
The majority of the scholars and historians confirm that A di shankara's period is 750-800.AD.he lived after Dignaga and Dharmakirti and possibly after Kumarila Bhatta.the quotations from theirbooks amply confirm this.
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