[Advaita-l] nAstika mata (bauddha mata) khaNDana in rAmAyaNa

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You think you read all about buddhism.

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> Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaaya
> Namaste,
> Unlike what many people thiunk Lord Buddha had utmost regard for the Veda
> and he advised the brahmins of his time to understand the true meaning of
> the Veda. In fact he wanted to take his next birth in a brahmin family,
> obviously to show how an ideal  brahmin should lead his life. Adi
> Sankaracharya fits the bill..

Have you any proof of that ? How could you say this ?
Direct disciples of buddha were unable to understand him and you can tell
what he wished without having direct contact with him. I can't believe. You
must have some extra organ for perception of these things which are out of
our range.

> One has to understand the true meaning of the Vedas as lord Buddha had
> advised.

I don't think he thought anything positive about The Veda. A person
respecting them can not generate a society of people opposed to that.

> One who has understood the scriptures does not need them any more.

Nice. After understanding truth and not before that. Take note.

> You seem to have missed the Lord Krishna's statement:
> yaavaanartha udapaane sarvatah  samplutudake
> taavaansarveshu vedeshu braahmanashya vijaanatah
How could I, a follower of The Veda ?
Only for viGYAnI it was said and not for those who are inquiring as you were
trying to propound.

For any doubt see my previous post.
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