[Advaita-l] nAstika mata (bauddha mata) khaNDana in rAmAyaNa

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One has to go beyond the shastras as they are meant to aid our understanding of the truth and once truth is realised the shastras are left behind. Lord Buddha also said that one has to do free enquiry for oneself  and not necessarily stick to what a great man says or what the shastra (with the different interpretations) says. What matters is one's own realization.  Lord Buddha never said that there is no God.


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> "Anguttara Nikaya- Acintita Sutta" in Buddhism does speak about the inconceivable (acintiya) areas and that any discussion on them will only result in madness.   Another equivalent of this word is "Anirvachaniya",  with which the Advaitins are familiar. Should we stii dub Lord Buddha's silence on the topic of God as Nastika Mata?.

Didn't we just go over this recently?  Maya is anirvachaniya.  Brahman can be known through the shastras.  Bauddhas either don't agree or refuse to say if Brahman can be known.  This makes them nastikas.

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