[Advaita-l] Beeja Mantrakshara Durga Saptashati

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Mar 31 00:08:22 CDT 2011

Dear Venkatesh Ji,
This is an advaita forum and it is our responsibility to
protect the sanctity of the forum and abide by the
forum guidelines.  So, it would be better if we keep off
discussing tantra & other issues here.
Since, this mail is directed to me, I am giving my opinion. 
I have one Meru Sri Yantra of Panchaloha . I do Puja with Durga Sukta Sri Sukta and some Saraswati mantras. Is this sufficient? One book mentioned you can do Puja with Devi Khadgamala Stotra also.
Sriyantra is not something which can be purchased at 
puja stores / asian skyshops / tele-marketing services etc.
Sriyantra is called “yantra-rAja” and not every person is 
permitted to worship it unless it has valid sanction from
one’s kula guru / satguru / diksha-guru.   Shri Bhaskararaya
discusses this aspect in “chakra-saMkEta”.
Having blessed with the sriyantra from satguru who hails from
Shrotriya guru-parampara, one should be initiated in mUla-mantra
according to the srividya amnaya krama.  Shri Bhaskararaya 
discusses this aspect in “mantra-saMkEta”.
Having blessed with yantra-rAja & mUla mantra, one’s dIksha guru
initiates the disciple in the method of worshipping the yantra-rAja. This method of worship is technically called
“tantra”.  Shri Bhaskararaya discusses this aspect in “pUjA-saMkEta”.
So, mantra is the sUkShma-swarupa of deity; the diagrammatic 
representation of the mantra is yantra and the mode of mapping 
the yantra to establish a harmony between microcosm &
macrocosm is tantra.  So, tantra, mantra & yantra go hand-in-hand
with each other and thus “pUrNatva” is achieved. 
The tantra involves various nyAsAs which is an elaborate ritual of 6-7 hours of pravilApana-prakriya.  The initial stage is pAtrAsadana which is decided by one’s own diksha guru as per their sampradaya whether 3 pAtrAs or 6 pAtrAs to be used. This is followed by guru-mandala puja, sAmAnya arghya, vishesha arghya, 
vardhana kalasa sthApana, kAma-kAla dhyAna prakriya, 
navAvaraNa archana.  
So, when you ask me, “is it sufficient”, the above mentioned prakriya is mandatory for Srividya Upasakas.  
Srividya upAsana is a way of life and if we can’t justify it, 
it is better not to go for it.  
BTW, Kadgamala is a laghu-navAraNArchana paddhati, and if 
initiated by one’s satguru, can be adopted for sriyantra.  
Without initiation, taking (purchasing) of sriyantra & studying
Khadgamala without initiation is prohibited.  
Moreover, you mentioned that you had Meru which is a 3 dimensional
Yantra.  You need to be extra-careful in managing the meru. 
Please ensure whether the Meru is inscribed with Bija mantra or not. There is adhikAra nirnaya to keep meru at Home with respect to grihasthAs and yatis (sanyAsIs).  A bhU-prastAra sriyantra is 
always safe.
Hope I am clear.
One day some Purohitas were doing Chandi Homa. They asked me to join in saying Saptashati. In the beginning they were making offerings with Navakshari Mantra also. I was saying the same with them. Now do I have the initiation or not?
This is not initiation.  
Navakshari should be taken with proper rishis, chandas, bija, kilaka & shakti followed by shaDanga / ekAdasa nyAsAs.  There are pUrvAngAs & uttarAngAs for it.  Satguru should be approached for this.

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