[Advaita-l] 'madhyamaa' as 'deshavAchI' and not 'guNavAchI'

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Tue Mar 29 12:27:33 CDT 2011

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> The supposed reference to uttama-madhyama-
> adhama is also non-existent, given that the verse explicitly has
> Arambha-madhyama-
> paryanta.
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> Vidyasankar
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While discussing some other aspects of grammar with a very accomplished
vyAkaraNa vidwAn Sri S.T.Nagaraj, who is soon to retire after a long innings
at the Sri Jayachamarajendra Govt. Samskrita College, Bangalore, I mentioned
about the shloka that is being discussed here.  Regarding the above point he
quickly remarked: the word 'madhyama' is 'deshavAchI' here and not
'guNavaachI'.  In other words, it is something to do with positioning and
not with gradation.  His opinion is that the 'madhyamAm' pATha is better
than the other one which is not incorrect though.


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