[Advaita-l] madhyamam/madhyagam

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 26 23:22:51 CDT 2011

But the aptness and the context of the usage.

Words in any language have various shades of meanings, and this is
doubly true in Sanskrit. But, this does not grant anyone blanket
license to start with a dictionary, and then pick and choose meanings
based on whims. The dictionary entries themselves are based on usage.
prayuktAnAm idam anvAkhyAnam.

The usage "sha~NkarAchArya-madhyamAm" is straightfoward and
appropriate. Why? Native speakers and those skilled in the language
say so. And that _defines_ aptness.

In my experience, this kind of nitpicking (often with the best of
intentions) is done by the same groups of people who insist on
Samskrit as a perfect knowledge (samyak kRtam saMskRtam). All I can
say is, in my experience, apavAdamayam saMskRtam. And saying so does
not reduce the beauty of the language even one iota.


Exactly.The usage also depends on one meaning and not to give raise to 
distortions,which may totally fail in conveying the correct meaning.Who are 
those refered here as native speakers?May be in your experience,"apavadamayam 
samskritam"and here is one such apavada.But,this is out of context.
What I said was.since the verse started with "Sadhasiva samarambham (which 
indicates the space from where it is started) ending with asmadacharya 
paryantam(again as space at the end),and the middle(which again is space)is 
filled(madhyagam)by Shankaracharya.Now,say where is the nitpicking?


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