[Advaita-l] ’atiraatram' - a Vedic ritual coming up in Kerala

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Yes. This is a case of contradictory injunctions concerning 'shodasi'.
It is resolved by Purva Mimamsa by saying that in such case taking
'Shodasi' is optional.

Purva Mimamsa does not answer the question " Why there should be
contradictory injunctions at all?".


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> There is a vedavAkyam: '*अतिरात्रे*. *षोडशिनं* गृह्णाति' 'नातिरात्रे *
> षोडशिनं* गृह्णाति' that is quoted by Shankaracharya in the BhAShya/s.  Is
> this sentence related to the above ritual?
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