[Advaita-l] Bija Mantratmaka Sapthasathi

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Sat Mar 26 05:52:33 CDT 2011

Dear Srikrishna,
Chowkhamba has published this book and is available with latest print.  
In telugu, virajananda pitha of vijayawada has published under the title 
"mantrAtmaka sapthasathi".  They have also printed "Chandi Avarana Archana".  
But my advice is not to go for this telugu books as there are horrible typos 
and some of the bija mantras have been mis-spelt beyond imagination.  
Dear Bhaskar,
AFAIK, the edited version of katyayana tantra with Narahari Bhatt is not printed.  
Atleast i have not seen anywhere in Devanagari Lipi / Telugu Lipi. 
I don't know whether it has been published in Kannada or not.  However, 
it is preserved in manuscript form with him that has been coming down 
from several years.  Shri Narahari Bhatt is a highly reserved person who 
maintains low profile.  An introvert who is oblivious of his surroundings 
while at worship.  You can approach him for guidance, and unless one is 
a sadAchAri, he generally doesn't open up his "pandora box".  
Even though, Srividya is practiced in Sringeri, the upAsana in Sringeri has 
strong roots in Chandi & Narasimha.  The Nrisimha Anushtup Mantra 
which is called "mantra rAja" is the favourite upAsana of all the acharyas. 

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