[Advaita-l] The collapse of duality in the geeta

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Sat Mar 26 00:31:28 CDT 2011

On Sat, 19 Mar 2011, dr.praveen kumar wrote:

> Can I ask Jaldharji to elucidate the portion of Geetha which explains with
> the
> point of realisation,duality collapses?

It is a good idea to address such questions to the list at large but since 
you asked me personally, I think the vivid example of this is in the 
Vishvarupayoga.  Earlier Krshna Bhagavan has told Arjuna how he dwells 
within all including Arjuna himself (10.36 pANDaVAnAM dhana~njaya) and now 
He gives a practical demonstration.

This is one difference between the Vedantic vision and the nastikas. 
Buddha saw the end of duality as empty void -- the end of being 
altogether.  This is why he calls the supreme goal nIrvANa ("extinction".) 
But our Rshis saw it as the fullness (pUrNata) of being.  There is nothing 
that is not pervaded by Brahman.

Arjuna finds this vision too difficult to bear as even with divine help, 
he is simply not prepared.  Glimpses of non-duality can be had even by 
those with no knowledge of Vedanta whatsover.  But this is fleeting 
and unstable.  jnana is what makes one "established in Brahman" 

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