[Advaita-l] Ganapati Sukta RV 8-81 Translation

Ramakrishna Upadrasta uramakrishna at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 13:47:30 CDT 2011


Since this thread has been raised again, here are my comments.

Shri Yadu-ji:

Could you please  verify the differences among the following again:

'sadasaspati [1.18 (6-8)]',
'kshetrapati [4.57 (1-3)] and vaastospati [7.54 and 55]'
'gaR^ihapati and naraasha.nsa [1.18 (9)]'

Shri ShriKrishna

Some of these (brhmaNaspati, bR^ihaspati, sadasaspati) are devataas of
appear as part of  brhmaNaspati-sUkta, most of whose mantras are from
(the rather difficult to learn) gRitsamada ma~nDala. This is different
from gaNapati-sUkta of 8th ma~nDala which was your original question.


2011/3/24 Srikrishna Ghadiyaram <srikrishna_ghadiyaram at yahoo.com>:
> This particular set of names are not referring to the Riks which are part of the
> brahmaNaspati sUkta. Any speculation on why the Riks containing these
> significant names are not part of brahmaNaspati sUkta.
> Also, can you (or others) give some vyutpatti of these names.

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