[Advaita-l] calamities,wars

Srikanta Narayanaswami srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 08:24:55 CDT 2011

It is seen that some believe that these are caused by not performing the 
rituals.But,in ancient times,our rishis who were the great scientists on 
examining the nature came to discover that these are created from inside.
So,they placed Atma as the centre of all happennings.There cannot be a greater 
power than the Atma.Hence the focus shifted from the external things to 
inward.All the voluminous scrptures which came later proves beyond doubt that 
the Atma is the centre of the Universe.There had been many pacifists before on 
the karma theory,performance of yagnas,yagas etc.but none can dispute the fact 
that man is his own doer.Many pseudo-religions sprang up based on the karma 
theory like Astrology,palmistry,numerology,not to speak about the silly idea of 
name changing called-nameology,and finally Gemmology.Many swindlers put their 
boards like:Astro,palmo,namo,ayrvedic,synthopathy etc.Gullible people believe in 
this and are making these frauds rich.If there is viollence inside it is 
reflected outside.There cannot be a greater truth tan this.That is why they 
said"satyam vada,dharmam chara"


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