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Monday, March 21, 2011 3:36 PM


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> The answer to your questions is contained in your letter.All rituals are done 
> with a selfish motive.If one were to glorify the ritual in your way,then one 
> need not turn to Jnanamarga.One cannot also say I will continue to perform 
> karmas till I attain Jnana,without heeding the words of the sruthi and Adi 

I don't intend to continue a discussion which seems pointless at this juncture,
but I would like to request you to use a little viveka when writing.

Your statements that I was reponding to, had little to do with transitioning from
karmA to jnAna. They implied that in your opinion, performance of a yajna by
an ajnAnI is a major waste of time and resources, because the said ajnAnI
could utilize these resources better and feed many thousands. That was the
peculiar mix up of religious and economic factors that I was talking about. You
further seemed to imply that if some jnAnI were to perform a yajna, that would
be more efficacious than an ajnAnI performing the same yajna. I don't know if
you actually meant to say that, but that is the meaning that you conveyed. To
which, a few of us pointed out that if one is a jnAnI, there is really no further
motivation to perform yajna-s. 

Yes, an individual who is desirous of jnAna should learn how to move away from
karmA, but a blanket statement that time, materials and effort spent in any yajna
could be better used in some alternative manner is certainly not representative of
moving towards jnAna in the vedAntic sense.
Iam giving the replies to the points you have raised:
1)I am glad that you see the pointlessness in in your point to discuss at this juncture.
Yes,one has to excercise Viveka tand restraint in one's reply.One should not jut out at all the topics under discussion without knowing the context and significance.
2)I donot intend to mix up economics with religion,as I am neither a communist nor a capitalist.
3)I only invoked Isavasya mantram to say that one should not be greedy to covet other's wealth.it says one should protect oneself by "Tyaga"by giving up,and giving up to the needy is more than an Yagna.otherwise,the mantram would have said'Do yagnas".It merely says 'Ma gridh".
4)I never implied a jnani performing an yagna is more efficaceous than an ajnani performing an Yagna.But only one should move from ajnana to jnana.
and lastly,5)whether using the resources to help the needy brings Jnana or not immediately,it certainly brings sense to the person in what he is doing and pave the way for Jnana.



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