[Advaita-l] idaM na mama - The scientific evidence?

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 21 00:32:28 CDT 2011

>But there are instances where manthras have worked miracles.But to prove that it 
>is so is a difficult >proposition.

By the way well educated mantrin-s do not beleive in miracles nor do they 
subscribe to any superstitions.

There were instances where I have seen them make fun of the miracles and the 
superstitions that religious people usually entertain.

I certainly cannot speak for them all.. so I limit by comments to only those I 
am acquainted with.

Anyway last post on the topic.

Srikanta says:
>How is that without  performing these,there are floods,and half of Andhra was 
>washed off in these 
>floods.!who performed yagna for sunami to occur in Japan?.

Sriram mentioned about the effect of a yAga intended for rain during some very 
difficult times. I will say nothing about it as I am not a witness to it and 
also since I do not know the people involved. Sriram, did not say everytime 
there is a rain somebody did a yAga to please varuNa nor did he say that rains 
come only when a yAga is performed. Please do nto put words in others mouths.

 It is not the very best display of sanity on one's part of ask if the tsunami 
is a result of some yAga. The sanity issue apart, your questions come in a very 
insulting and boorish tone.

I am saddened to see the tsunami dragged into the argument and talked about 
lightly as it is an event involving many deaths and agony to many more.

I will not continue this thread with you till you calm yourself a bit, and let 
go of the agitation.



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