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Fri Mar 18 01:32:14 CDT 2011

>without obtaining 
>Jnana,.pouring all the wealth like tins of ghee,silk,barley,millets is a 
>collossal waste. 

Once Jnana dawns upon a being, it no longer needs to perform any yAga or homa or 


Arent these karma-s meant for one who has not yet attained Jnana?

>Many could be fed with that money.

Dont be so sure. One wouldnt be if they observe the workings of nature closely.
So sri satish arigela wrote.

So,till one obtains Jnana he should continue pouring ghee and other things meant 
for others  into the fire.!
Who said one should perform "Yagna'or homa for knowledge to descend?
Infact,the Upanishads are full of criticism on the "yaga'and the 'Yagna"or the 
The Mundaka Upanishath criticises the Yaga and yagna,saying:
"Plavahyete adhradah yagnarupah..."

These boats which aim to cross the aspirant of the samsara are not strong.
It further criticises with the words,"Ashtadashoktamavaram eshu karma"it 
requires 18 priests along with the Yajamana and his patni,this is the most 
lowest(avaram"of the karmas.
Finally,it launches the attack on those who lead those gullible,saying"svayam 
panditam manyamanah,andena niyamana yathandah",these pundits who are with the 
dhamba think themselves as the only pundits themselves,lead the others like a 
blind man who leads the other blind men.

Even Sri krishna in the Bhagawadgita says,"Brahmaarpanam Brahma havih..."

Have we not come far enough to understand nature clearly?



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