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Here is an analytical study by an Advaitin, Shri Hariram, that is worth
attention by all those who wish to gain a deep understanding of the Advaita
darshana.  A couple of years ago I had stumbled upon Hariram's extensive
posts about his personal 'story' which he had put on the internet.  An
engineer, then working for Infosys, Hariram is from Kerala, a smArtha
brahmin, and devoted to Amma, mAtA AmRtAnandamayee of VaLLikkAvu, Kerala.
He is now just 30, and one can see what works he has written so far in this


Recently I happened to see this series of posts, available here:


Here is an excerpt:

   1. //Moreover, Mayavaadins take resort to Maya just to answer the
   illusion of world at the empirical – they believe in Adviteeya Brahman alone
   & therefore it is appropriate to call Advaita as Brahmavaada from ultimate
   viewpoint & Mayavaada from empirical view point.//
   This  particularly interested me as I had recently looked at the two:
   mAyAvAda and BrhmavAda as:

   माया निराकर्तव्यत्वेन उच्यते अनेन इति मायावाद:, शास्त्रम् इति यावत्
।  [*mAyA
   nirAkartavyatvena ucyate anena iti mAyAvAdaH, shAstram iti yAvat.*]  (mAyA
   is being spoken of as that which is to be given up through a
teaching  called
   mAyAvAdaH. This definition applies to the Scripture.)  ब्रह्म मोक्षार्थं
   साक्षात्कर्तव्यतया उपदिश्यते अनेन इति ब्रह्मवादः, शास्त्रम् इति यावत् । [
   *brahma mokShArtham sAkShAtkartavyatayA upadishyate anena iti
   brahmavAdaH, shAstram iti yAvat*.]  (brahman is taught with a view to be
   realized as the means for liberation is called brahmavAdaH.  This
   definition applies to the Scripture.)

There are several interesting aspects in the entire 10-part document.  To
read the entire document sequentially, one will have to scroll down to the
bottom of the page and find the 1st post and go up accessing the subsequent

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