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Sri Lakshmana is considered as an Amsha of Adisesha. Sri Balarama is also
considered as an Amsha of Adisesha.

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> Namaste,
> Here are some high level points about Adi sheSa:
> 1. Adi-sheSa is a manifestation of the avyakta tattva.
> 2. Another name of AdisehSa is ananta - that which has not yet
>     manifested (avyakta) is infinite.
> 3. When we consider the related name samkarSaNa it is manifestation
>     of ahamkAra tattva. samkarSana is the one who holds tattva-s
>     together - this should shed some light on the role and importance of
>     the ahamkAra tattva. (Caution: wrong / over emphasis on ahamkAra
>     tattva is a tested path leading into the world of asura-s.)
> Chapter 3.26 and 12.11 of bhAgavatam are good references on tattva-s and
> their
> relation to anga upAnga of mahA viSNu.
> hari om.
> Regards,
> Shrinivas
> ------------------------------------
> My question to learned members,
> This is not about Advaita Vedanta.But something to do with Sakaara
> Upaasana of Narayana.Our Acharyas give multiple scripture based
> methods to do Upaasana of Ishwara.It is well known that Iswara as Lord
> Narayana or Mahavishnu reclines on Adisesha in
> Kshirasaagara/Vaikunta.Our Acharyas do not give particular importance
> to this Form.Neverthless,they agree this splendid Rupa is the Highest
> Manifestation of Saguna Brahman(Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi
> Mahasviminaha-Saint of Sringeri-Iswaranudaya Utkrishtamaana
> Vibhuti-).Ofcourse,we all know HH was personally deeply devoted to
> Lord Shiva.
> I would be extremely thankful if learned members could 'explain' the
> AdiSesha Tattva from the scriptures.
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