[Advaita-l] Hanuman is Siva's son

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 10 01:31:28 CST 2011

>I looked through the Valmiki Ramayana published by Gorakhpur Press. It does
>not mention anything about Paravati and Parameshvara. It just says that Vayu
>bhagavan was the one who impregnated Anjana.

The following sentences are an extract from a long article:

" The maruts are reduced to mere winds in classical Sanskrit, often used in 
singular as a synonym of vAyu, a very different vedic deity. This synonymy is 
seen right from the rAmAyaNa, where hanumAn, while inheriting many features of 
the vedic maruts, is described as the son of vAyu/marut."

This seems to be the reason for seeing Anjaneya/mAruti as a son of rudra. Also 
see below another extract form the same article:

"The maruts as archetypal “storm gods” are associated with roaring noises of 
thunder — their roars are said to terrify the denizens of the worlds. They are 
also described as making loud noises by blowing on organs termed vANa-s and 
bhR^imi-s (“dhamanto vANaM” RV 1.85. 10, “bhR^imim dhamanto” RV 2.34.1) . In the 
earliest version of the kaumAra myth a comparable aspect of skanda is described. 
He is mentioned as making a loud noise like a mass of thunder clouds, and 
repeatedly roaring and yelling terrifying war cries that frightened everyone. He 
is also mentioned blowing into a conch and making a frightful noise (MBH 3.224 
in Vulgate)."

This connection is also retained in mantra/tantra shAstra:

Anjaneyas is referred to in some mantra-s as hanumad-rudra or hanumad-bhairava.

The following detail about vedic rituals involving offering to maruts is 
interesting too:

"In both the KYV and SYV the association is reiterated in many ways:
In SYV-mAdhyamdina 9.32 (~KYV-TS 1.8.9) the maruts are said to win 7 domestic 
animals with the aid of the 7-syllabled mantra.
In SYV-M 25.4 (~T.S 5.7.21) the seventh rib of the ashvamedha horse is offered 
to the marut-s.
In many yajurvedic ritual injunctions the maruts are made offerings on 7 
In KYV-TS 2.2.5, 2.2.11, 2.3.1, 5.4.7 it is stated that the marut-s are made 
offerings on 7 kapAla-s because they comprise of 7 gaNa-s."


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