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Namaste Sri Sriram

Dhanyavadaha. Your emails are packed with information. My Pranams to you.

On Wed, Mar 9, 2011 at 10:18 AM, Venkata sriram P
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> Dear Venkatesh Murty,
> For health tips, there is exclusively a saMhita that deals exhaustively on
> health-related matters.  It is charaka-saMhita.  You can refer that. It says
> “bhuktvA shatapathaM gacchet” and “na vEgAn dhArayEt”.
> The 1st one emphasizes on daily walk after meals.  bhuktvA means after having
> Meals; “shatapathaM gacchet” means walk 100 feet.
> The 2nd one says that one should not forcibly suppress that comes out with
> Force from our body viz., mala, mUtra, vIrya, cough, sneeze etc.
> So, you can refer that saMhita for further study.
> As regards the Sun Worship,  it is inherent in our sanAtana dharma.  Lord Rama
> Worshipped Sun and was initiated in Aditya Hridaya by Sage Agastya in Yuddha
> Kanda.   So, it is not true that Sun Worship originated in foreign countries.
> Even what the westerners call as “Sun Bathing”, the concept is inherent in
> “Surya Upasana”.    Basically, there are 7 rays that emanate from Sun which
> govern the 7 planets.
> They are:
> suShumna, harikEsha, vishwakarma, vishwavyacha, saMpadvasu, arvAgvasu
> and svarADvasu.
> These 7 rays nourish the 7 dhAtus in our body and the ideal time prescribed
> In Ayurveda is to bask under the Sun early in the morning.  After the sun rise,
> for a span of half-an-hour, these 7 rays are emanated that envigour the physical
> System.
> Regs,
> Sriram



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