[Advaita-l] Ayudha Rahasyas of Narayana

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 23:21:46 CST 2011

Namaste Sriram,
Thanks for your posts, it is always a pleasure to read posts from people who 
in depth knowledge of upAsanA.
This particular topic is a very interesting topic (to me). It is worth noting 

bhAgavatam gives a special treatment to this topic and treats this knowledge
as highly sacred. This is among the two topics reserved for the very last 
of this text - the other being details of twelve Aditya-s.
viSNu purANa reserves the very last section of book-1 (which is the book that
covers most of the thoery in this purANa) for this topic and also makes it
quite obvous that this topic is a special topic.
viSNu-sahasranAma too places the names of mahA viSNu that relate to this topic 
at the very end.
Is there are specific reason you mention yatis, sanyAsis in this context? This 
be a topic that is most relevant to everyone.
Dear All,
The yatis (sanyAsIs) worship nArAyaNa tattva internally and perform daNDa pUja 
and daNDa tarpaNa regularly.   The saguNa upAsana of nArAyaNa is internalized 
and His AyudhAs are contemplated as below:
savitrAtmanE tilakAya namaH
sabdAdi viShayAtmanE makara-kuNDalAya namaH
puruShAtmanE kaustubhAya namaH
panchabhUtAtmanE vanamAlAya namaH
digAtmanE pItAmbarAya namaH
manOvEgAtmanE chakrAya namaH
ahaMkArAtmanE pAnchajanyAya namaH
AnandAtmanE padmAya namaH
Buddhi tattvAtmanE kaumOdakyai namaH


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