[Advaita-l] Ganapati Sukta RV 8-81 Translation

Anand Hudli ahudli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 7 04:03:44 CST 2011

>I wanted to read the translation of RV 8-81 Ganapati Sukta (aa tuu na indra
>and found this following translation of Griffith. I am not able to relate
>to the original text. Am I referring to the correct translation of the
Riks? Is
>there any other source of the translation?



The translation that you posted corresponds to sUkta 8.92. I found out that
8.81 (Ganapati sUkta) is, in fact, 8.70 (LXX) in Ralph Griffith's
translation as presented on the Sacred Texts website. This sUkta's
Rishi-Devata-Chhandas is described thus by sAyaNa, based on the
anukramaNikA : A tu na indreti navarchaM prathamaM sUktaM kaNvaputrasya
kusIdina ArShaM gAyatramaindram.h. The sUkta containing 9 Riks, beginning
with "A tu na indra" is the first sUkta (of the 9th anuvAka of the 8th
maNDala). Its Rishi is the son of KaNva called KusIdI (Kuseedee), the metre
is GayatrI, and the deity is Indra.

This sUkta is indeed commonly employed in Ganesha worship. Another hymn is,
of course, the GaNapati-atharva-shIrSha-upaniShad.


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