[Advaita-l] A New Series of Articles on The Kathopanishat (Part 4)

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Sun Mar 6 23:43:08 CST 2011


The Part 4 in the series of articles on the Kathopanishat can be read here:



//A person becomes an eligible one to engage in any pursuit, worldly or
spiritual, only by being nourished by the caring three - the mother, father
and teacher*. *Only this kind of growth makes a man a worthy member of the
society*. *The role of the mother, father and teacher cannot be overlooked
or overemphasized*. *The role of the three in shaping a man's personality is
never to be underestimated*. *The means for right knowledge comes from the '
*samskAra*' born of being connected with the three. The  *bRhadAraNyaka
upaniShad* (4.1.2) says 'Let the one who has a mother, father and teacher
instruct..'*. *Or, the 'three' in the mantra could be understood as the *
veda-s*, the *smRRti* and noble people*. *The 'three' may also mean
perception, inference (reason) and scripture*. *It is well within one's
experience that clarity, purity, is had from the application of these three.
What are the three duties specified in the mantra?  They are sacrifice,
study of the scripture and charity*. *A person who performs these three goes
beyond birth and death*.//


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