[Advaita-l] veda purusha dhyaya - a small correction

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Thu Mar 3 10:42:53 CST 2011


>From: jaldhar at braincells.com
>On Thu, 3 Mar 2011, Venkata sriram P wrote:
>> A slight correction here.  The head of the divine being IMO is donkey 
>> instead of bull and the left hand displays vyAkhyAna mudra and not 
>> abhaya mudra.    Here is the pramANa:   rigvEdaH shvEtavarNasyAt 
>> dvibhujO rAsabhAnanH akShamAlAdhara saumyaH prItO vyAkhyApanOdyataH //   
>Hmmm.  In my notes I have:
>R^igvedaH shvetavarNasyAt dvibhujO R^iShabhAnanaH |
>akShamAlAyutaH saumyaH prItashchAbhayOdyataH ||
>R^ishabha is bull and rasabha would be donkey.  It seems either you or I 
>have made a typo.  abhaya and vyakhya are harder to confuse so I don't 
>know what's going on there.  Is your source also chaturvargachintamani or 
>some other shastra?
They look like variant readings of the same verse. As an aside, the visarga sandhi
in dvibhujO R^iShabhAnanaH is improper. It should be dvibhuja R^iShabhAnanaH. 
Alternatively, dvibhujO vR^iShabhAnanaH would be okay. In the variant reading,
dvibhujO rAsabhAnanaH is correct with respect to sandhi.

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