[Advaita-l] Nodern science and Vedanta

Satish Arigela satisharigela at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 09:26:45 CDT 2011


>Can you explain the meaning of "ShaNmatasthApanAchArya" or
>it is another adjective that was coined by later indologists.

Let us say he was indeed ShaNmatasthApanAchArya.. just for the moment let us 
think this claim is real.

What actually did he do? Does any of the mUla grantha-s of the respective mata-s 
mention his name atleast in passing?

For shaiva-s it is shaiva Agama-s, for vaiShNava-s pA~ncharAtra vaikhAnasa etc, 
kaumAra-s the kaumAra Agama-s, so on and so forth. Each of these mata-s have 
elaborate guidelines on how to perform various related rituals. So which of 
these mention shankara?

We have to be cautious in taking some later day exaggeration without any 

Now there are some(these are pious people and good upAsaka-s affiliated to the 
AchArya) who claim the late HH kanchi paramAchArya is an avatAra of shankara. 
Will you beleive this? If so why if not why.

So anybody can claim anything within a group and congratulate each other with 
those claims.

Just imagine a small group of people which an outrageous claim saying shankara 
is actually a kShatriya.. the group might feel happy asserting its claims to 
each other and with others, no matter the evidence. What will you say when you 
come across such a bunch other than watching and pitying them.

How different are those who take the claim of him being a 


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