[Advaita-l] (Advaita) Bhakti vs. Jnana

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Jun 30 07:59:34 CDT 2011

Namaste Rajaramji,
Hare Krishna. A devotee (with dualistic or unitary vision) is absorbed
in bhakti. In BG 9.13, Lord Krishna says says that a noble minded one
worships Him, the Isvara. In 9.14, he talks about those "others" - not
so noble ones -who have the jnana that there is only Brahman. If we go
by what the Lord says here, is it not crystal clear that worshipping
(bhajanti) as bhagavan is the best, better than jnana?
This observation is true and Shri Narayana Bhattatiri do mention this is his work
Narayaneeyam.  In the 96th Dasaka, the 6th sloka has the mention of
Bhakti which is superior to Jnana & Karma Marga.  He decries the 
jnana marga which is a dry pursuit filled with terse logic & vedanta.  
However, request you to read the verses further.........


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