[Advaita-l] Modern science and Vedanta

kman krismanian at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 13:26:29 CDT 2011

: Srikanta Narayanaswami <srikanta.narayanaswami at yahoo.com> wrote:
>Please elaborate of what do you mean by "Inhumanism". I have no clue what
you are talking about.>

>Anyone who ignores "pratyaksha" deserves to suffer.? If you tell me that
India is not suffering then please do gloat on Vedanta.
we not seen enough of 'inhumanism"by Modern science?The atom
>bomb.weapons,and the cell phone which has fallen into the hands of
Terrorists to terrorize people and kill them,which otherwise would become a
boon?The bullying of smaller >countries by US?
>Adi shankara didnot start the mutts to proliferate the cults like
Shaiva,Vaisnava etc as you have said.India is not suffering for not seeing
the 'Pratyaksha"as you have said,but by >ignoring the "Dharma"for which it
stood for in the ancient times.

Srikanta Ji,
      Regarding inhumanism, you probably did not read Dr. Mohrir's question
on Mahabharat war and Krishna asking Arjun to fight resulting in mass death.
Is that not
"Inhumanism"?  You site Atom bomb for Science's inhumanism, remember it was
invented to stop the "inhumanism" of world war 2, perpetrated by
Japanese and German. Since then it was not used for humane reasons but for
deterrent purposes only. Remember all our Gods are depicted with a deadly
We do not take that as "inhumanism" as we know that is intended for bad

Most of the Advaita group members know that the nature of the world is "Yin
and Yang", that is dualism in everything, good/bad, light/darkness,
beautiful/ugly etc.
So there is no escaping whether you do science or veda or varnashrama
dharma. There is always a good side and a bad side, so it is the human
practisioners  who have to be humane and vigilant to make sure that a good
thing/theory is used for good and not for bad. Some times it is difficult to
know immediately what is good what could be bad, but we need to look at
history and make course corrections where it is needed.



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