[Advaita-l] Advaita and modern science

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Dear Krishnamurti:

What you stated is correct, however, that also applies to science as well.  
Not realizing this portion of "CHANGE" is the key issue that I wanted to lead towards slowly.  This is like the "Epsilon" constants in physics 
and everyone using a different constant.

IMO - The real problem with "Vedaanti" is that they keep on using "brahman" concept that is anirvacaniiya and completely rely on "anumaana" rather 
than "pratyaksha".  My concern is with vedaanti having no desire to 
practice the knowledge (pratyaksha), even if one accepts that they are 
realized.  What is the use oif that knowledge for the individual or for 
the society he/she lives in?

It is easy to talk about brahman because one can easily put-down the other as being the dunse, who does not understand.

I am not aware of any living "videhamukta" individual who practices 
advaita, including the any of the living Shnakaraachary's of any Matha? 

Let us take the practical example from vedic literature about "malaria" (known as takman).

Suuktakaara expresses his desire to drive out the maleria (takman) in the direction of "baahlika" (some archaeologists identify this are Bactria province 
near AfagaaNisthan).

This tells us that 
Maleria was there and they had a desire to drive it our of their country / community.  Has chanting the suukta with correct udaatta, andaatta, 
svarita  ....... etc helped the situation for 1000's of years? Answer is no. Here, Advatic Vedaanti would say that is vyavahaarika dvaita and we have nothing to do with it we are only here to talk about advaita only.

It is the scientist who 
recognized that Chinsona bark contains Quinine. So when British came 
that quickly realized and creating a drink "Jin & Tonic" that can 
possibly prevent malaria.  So this is practicing advaita as well.  Here, knowledge of malaria and quinine is acknowledged and that was consumed 
for prevention.  This is the practical viniyoga of paata~Njala Yoga Sütra(2.16) heyaM duHkhama anaagatam,
which literally means avoiding the misery that has not yet manifested.  
Is that not what Acharya also advocates to become ONE with the outside 
knowledge. yaH saakshata kurute porabodha samaye svaatmaana mevo dvayam ?

If one performs the yaj~na using anti-malarial ingredients as smaidhaa may be helpful, not the academic chanting.

All problems exists because of our ignorance, only if they are acknowledged and possible solution implemented toward making 
life little bit more bearable !?  Knowledge needs to advance for the 
continuous perpetual refinement. vij~naanam yaj~nam tnute karmaaNi 
tan'ute pi ca || taittariiya ||

The only constant thing that is trikaalaatiita is the "CHANGE" itself.

My question is whether Vedanta helped our country in any shape or manner 
except for gloating with ahaMkaara that I have understood Vedaanta !?  
This why I had used the analogy of a ladle that is incapable of enjoying the flavor of the soup. 

Best regards,

Dr. Yadu

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Dear Dr.Yadu Moharir
I would like to add that logic sometimes fails as things we think are 
constant undergochanges.R.Krishnamoorthy.
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