[Advaita-l] Marrying maternal uncle`s daughter

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Marugan means sister`s son.Marumagan means mappillai.Marumagan may have 
become marugan also.I n the case of Sri Subramanya His wives are 
Valli -Nambirajan`s-a hunter king-daughter and Deyvanai-who is Indra`s 
daughter.Sri Subramanya is never a son -in- law to Sri 
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>> मातुलकन्यापरिणयनस्यानेकश्रुतिस्मृतिसिद्धत्वात्| There are many statements
>> from the shruti and smriti that support marriage with a maternal uncle's
>> daughter.
> One case that is quite well known is Arjuna marrying Subhadra (Krishna's
> sister) who is his maternal uncle Vasudeva's daughter.
> In the Tamil culture Parvati is said to be Vishnu's sister and her son
> Subrahmanya's one wife is Vishnu's daughter.  That is why he is called
> 'TirumAl marugan' (Vishnu's son-in-law).
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