[Advaita-l] On sagotra Marriages

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If two people make their own decision to marry it is only based on
human love. It is not based on vaidhika dharma, which includes genuine
love but is mainly based on lifetime commitment to our sastras. If
families don't even know their gotra, they have not been performing
nitya karma for generations. They have no right to vaidhika karma
including marriage.

I'm not saying they cannot marry or that they are out of vedic fold.
They can marry according to procedures allowed for them. There 8 such
procedures, afaik. Sri Rangan of Webolim, if I remember right, has
captured it in his articles.

On 21/06/2011, Vidyasankar Sundaresan <svidyasankar at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> It is a shiShTAchAra which is followed from rAmAyaNa.
>> Both Janaka & Dasaratha introduce themselves and their
>> lineage in the presence of their family priests Viswamitra
>> & Vasishta.
>> Basically, it is a form of introducing oneself and their
>> lineage so that both bride & bridegroom would get
>> to know the greatness of their family tree, lineage &
>> the respective ancestors.
> Yes, but my point is that in cases where two individuals make
> their own decision to marry, or where there is a total ignorance
> of the family gotra-s, skipping the gotra and pravara recitation
> does not nullify the marriage, legally or culturally or religiously.
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