[Advaita-l] Unlearning

Anand Jammalamadaka satchitjammalamadaka at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 13:24:43 CDT 2011

 As I broached the subject of Sagotra  marriage , I did see foresee some
( dogmatic !)responses with no attempt what soever  to go to the root of the
problem.  A line  from a particular response has reached  such a low level
so as to ascribe words like ` your imagination , non believer .. `to this
writer. Nowhere it is said that I support Sagotra Marriages but asked for
discussion on the aspect of flexibility. Regarding my word on interpretation
( dynamic & static ) one should go to the spirit of directives that is all I
said .May be such attempt either strengthens existing principle and paves
way for right understanding. I am sure that something equivalent  to sabha
maryada has to be followed when We refute a proposition made by  our fellow
members of the forum.

     We may have to go for application of unlearning and start afresh for
right understanding for application of several directives  from our
scriptures and smritis with proper spirit rather than opposing tooth and
nail blindly.

However I noticed that one of our colleagues has quoted Vasista saying
sagotra marriage  is  possible with reference to going back for a particular
no of generations from both father`s side and mother`s side. He again said
that this is not allowed bu apastambha sutra.

-Satchit Anand sastry

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