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Rajaramji - PraNAms
I understand from that he is echoing the statement of Shankara in Atmabodha. 
ajnaanakaluSham jiivam
jnaabhaasaadvi nirmalam|
kRitvaa jnaanam swayam nasyet
jalam katakareNUvat||
Vedantic knowledge which is also considered aparavidya, after (as though) delivering the goods, gets itself destroyed just like kataka nut powder added to purify the waters.
The truth is not something to know but recognition of what one already is. Knowledge that be being pointed out - points out the truth that is self-existing and self-knowing principle. 
Bhakti supreme is also the same where the devotion culminates in the separateness of devotee and deity in the understanding of oneness. 
At that stage - one can declare it is all my vibuuti 
as Trishanku in the Taittiriiya says - aham VRikshasya reriva... or sing in ecstasy - aham annnam ahama annam aham annam - aham annnadou aham annadou aham anaadou.. etc. 
or gracefully say it is all his vibhuuti. He alone is or I alone am, are both valid statements. Bhati rasa and jnaana rasa are not two different - raso vai saH. 
In my opinion, any attempts to make distinction in these two are only indications of the need for clarity in understanding the nature of the reality. 

Hari Om!

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>From the quote below, it seems Jnaneshwar says that jnana consumes itself
but that the bliss of bhakti (bhakti-rasa) continues though the difference
between the devotee and the lord is non-existent on liberation.
Interestingly, it is the position taken by Madhusudana.

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