[Advaita-l] On sagotra Marriages

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> While  we keep quoting several Nishedhas on sub marriages , we need to go
> behind the such strictures to understand the spirit behind the same.

OK. I think the cause of niShedha is well described by shAstram. Shastras
take paraloka, puNya, pApa, etc. as real things. New generation of
commentators either negates or neglects them. Now their explanation can't be
according to original spirit and context.

> often We quote rules of smrities sastras  to justify interpretations
> arrived
> ages ago ( but relevant for those times ) without allowing  room for
> dynamic
> interpretations , which in fact are implied in the basic formulation of
> such
> directions .
>  There are certain laid down rules as per smritis  which do not allow for
> flexibility with the passage of times.

If you are saying this for a non-believer of smR^itis, then it's useless. He
is free to do anything. There is no need of flexibility for it is desirable
only for a person tied with ropes of shAstram.
If it's for a faithful person, then he will chose to go according to old
explanations. He will seek flexibility according to shAstras.
parAshara-smR^iti gives relaxation at many places for people living in
kali-yuga. He will never go for any explanation arising from lust, etc.

> They should be adhered to,
> strictly.There are others which are inherently made flexible to
> appropriately suit changing times within overall  boundaries of Dharma
> aacharana.

Yes. Every flexible rule is clearly said as 'flexible' by shAstram itself.
We only need to discover. There is no need to create flexibility. Better
leave shAstram alone and go on as your mind drives.

>    Prohibition of Sagotra marriages is one such rule allowing for
> flexibility.

Flexibility according to smR^itis is accepted. Any flexibility created to
make room for lust is not acceptable.

> Basically there were sagotra marriages performed as families
> were restricted to Agraharas and there was not much of movement from place
> to place. Sagotra marriages were causing both mental and physical damage to
> the offspring. This was realised and then sagotra marriages were
> prohibited.

Is this your imagination or is it backed by any proof from shAstram itself ?

> May be  we discuss sub item in true spirit without resorting to quoting
> scriptures and others but based on related scientific principles.

If you don't want to quote scriptures, then there is no need of any
discussion on these subjects as these subjects are explicitly subjects of
shAstram only.

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