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> As the central theme of our  forum is advaita , is it not  posiible to
> integrate various concepts , aadhyatmic thoughts , philosophies ,disussed
> in
> our forum,into our central theme !
> May be it is possible to interpret modern science in terms of advaitic
> principles and gradually evolve reading matter on advaita more attractive
> for young readers.

*Science explains all observed phenomena using naturalist principles without
invoking an intelligent agent. Everything is material. The value of science
is that it allows decisions to be taken based on facts and the solutions can
be empirically verified. Philosophically, is this close to vaiseshika and
nirisvara sankhya. It would be interesting to see if the counters to
atheistic philosophies apply to modern science? The objective is not to be
anti-scientific but perhaps expand the scope of science to probe higher
realities. Research in to the empirical effect of veda mantras might provide
practical value as also a research in the nature of mind. I hear that there
are some institutes that focus on such research in a very small scale. *

> We may explore
> -  Satchit Ananda sastry Jammalamadaka
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