[Advaita-l] Bhakti in Shankara's Works

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Dear friend, 

You asked too many questions but are so many questions really necessary? Bhakti requires two entities ie. one is the bhakta and the other is the Bhagavan and Advaita does not recognise two entities at the paramarthika level. However Sankara does not deny the great Ananda the bhakta derives from Bhakti. Did not Sankara say that for the Dvaita imagined for the purpose of Bhakti is more beautiful than Advaita?


Sunil KB

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Thanks for this. There are a few questions. According to Sankara,

   1. What is the definition bhakti?
   2. What is the difference between bhakti and upasana?
   3. What are the types bhakti?
   4. Is bhakti a modification of the mind?
   5. Is bhakti a product of avidya or is it of the nature of jnana?
   6. What is the meaning so'ham, sivoham, gopalaham etc.?
   7. Can a devotee identify himself with saguna brahman in upasana or in
   8. Can a devotee identify himself with sakara brahman in upasana or in
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