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> > Sri Gurubyo Namaha !
> Can one of the learned Pundits please give me the details on the 3
> different principles of Sankhyam.
> I see it comes in the Bridhavali of Sringeri Acharyals, where HE is adorned
> as " sAnKhyathraya-prathipAdhaka  ".
> What are the 3 schools of sAnkhyam mentioned here please.
> Dhanyavaadah
> Hari Om
> M.Babu

The wording found in the Panchaangam is:

(as found in the sringeri mutt website

This is a guess:

I think this refers to the prasthAnatraya consisting of the Upanishads, the
Brahmasutras and the Bhagavadgita.  These constitute the essence, the heart,
of the entire Vedic lore.  'Saankhya' refers to Vedanta jnAna as is found in
the 2nd chapter of the Bh.Gita: sAnkhyayogaH.

Maybe more appropriate explanations will be given by others.


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