[Advaita-l] Artistic depictions of the trinity- Brahma Vishnu MAheshwara

vijaya1.kambhampati at tiscali.co.uk vijaya1.kambhampati at tiscali.co.uk
Mon Jun 13 01:08:01 CDT 2011

Hello to all again from someone still trying to learn about hinduism:

Could the forum please shed some light:

1) Are the artistic depiction of Visnu as blue bodied with four hands 
a true representation of the god visnu when he takes form in 
Vaikunth??? Or does he have no physical body in any world and so is the 
artistic depiction  purely symbolic.

Same question for Lord Shiva depicted as an ascetic with snakes for 

2) IS there a physical place called Vaikunth?? or Shivaloka or 

3) The puranas describe Lord Shiva and Visnu as gods with emotions and 
involved with human beings activities. Did these gods appear on Earth 
in those physical forms to help their devotees.

Thank you in advance if you can shed light on this.

Vijaya Kambhampati.

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