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Hare Krishna. It is not possible to change the gotra of girl except through
kanya dhanam and if a person, due to force of circumstances and unknowingly,
marries a person of the same gotra - the couple should not engage in
conjugal relationship. I have not checked the references but this is
according to ganapadigals. This question came up in my relative circles on
two occasions due to love marriage. In one case, they proceeded by telling
the mother's gotra of the girl! In the other case, they proceeded by saying
that we all belong to acyuta gotra!!   Both are conscious violations of
vaidhika dharma and cause of sin.

IMO, even after a good birth we commit sinful activities which leads to
citta asuddhi. It is better to endeavour to attain citta suddhi by trying
to follow vaidhika dharma and definitely not consciously reject it.

What do if there is so much attraction that there is no fear of sin or
conviction to only do enjoined action? All rules apply only for vaidhika
vivaha where the objective is to secure right to perform veda karma and act
on the path of dharma to attain citta suddhi. It seems that rules do not
apply to other types of vivahas, where union takes place due to mutual
attraction and divorce due to repulsion (apparently there is reference to
divorce in canakya niti). In jyotisha sastra, it is said that no rule
applies if there is uncontrollable mutual attraction. One should at least
look for other types of marriage. At least, it is a sign of respect for our

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Some elderly person asked me to clarify a point and I found it difficult to
answer.  I thought that learned advaitins will be able to clarify with
reference to conventions or written rules.  This is about change of Gotra of
a girl.  Normally marriage does not take place among the persons of the same
gotra, i.e. among other things, the gotra of the bride and the groom ought
to be different and the girl gets into the groom's gotra.

I have noticed and so also many of us that prior to kanya dhan, the gotra of
the girl is changed while she is performing the Gowri Pooja; thus the change
of gotra takes place prior to kanya dhan.

I will be grateful if this forum is the appropriate one to clarify this

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