[Advaita-l] Definition of A Jnani

Rajaram Venkataramani rajaramvenk at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 16:03:55 CDT 2011

Hare Krishna. Thanks for the definitions and description. I agree that both
are required to get a clear understanding. Bhaskar has said the following
which adds to some confusion. This is also required to get things clear.

"First of all, shruti/shankara says jnAni is nothing but brahman and he is
brahman only (brahmaiva bhavati..emphasis is very clear here).  So, what is
this brahman that jnAni would become??  brahman is satyaM, jnAnam and
anantaM, but we are seeing the jnAni-s in panchabhUtAtmaka deha so jnAni who
is brahman cannot be ashareeri,  paricchinna  chaitanya so he cannot be
paripUrNa ananta chaitanya, we have seen in jnAni-s also sometime avidyA
lesha due to which he may suffer from digbhrAnti, he may sometime gets
angry and sometimes he may even listen to the demands of ajnAni-s and fulfil
their demand though it is illegitimate (like kashyapa brahma failed to
convince his wife), so he cannot be satyasya satya like brahman & he may not
be satya svarUpa!! and shruti asserts this brahman is dehAteeta, kAlAteeta,
nishkriya, nirvikAri, nishkalanka, niravayava but we have seen the examples
of some jnAni-s by doing saMsAra getting the children and leading the normal
life like any other ordinary saMsAri and they are doing 'all' sorts of kriya
due to prArabdha or whatever the reason..So, noway, we could match the
brahma of shruti with brahma jnAni who is nothing but brahman.  The shruti
pratipAdita brahma can exist only in the books & it has to sit aloof from
even absolute brahma jnAni. So, in all probability & sadly shruti's
declaration 'brahmavit brahmaiva bhavati'  is reality ONLY on paper and it
is practically  impossible to see the shruti brahman in the brahma jnAni,
who is shruti interestingly saying NOTHING but that absolute brahman!!"

Could I please have references from the works of Sankara or Madhusudana or
someone of that stature on

   1. that a jnani suffers from avidyalesha and consequently digbhrAnti.
   2. kashyapa did a prohibited action
   3. why does a jnani perform prohibited action (selfish desire, attachment
   to ajnani, prarabda or what?)
   4. why does a jnani perform enjoined action (prarabda, loka sangraha or
   5. difference between jivan mukta and videha mukta

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