[Advaita-l] Definition of Jnani

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 7 08:27:05 CDT 2011

> Quote: The definition of a jnAnI is devastatingly simple - one who knows
> Brahman as one's own Self, one who sees only the Self (sarvam Atmaiva
> abhUt), one who sees Brahman everywhere and all things in Brahman (yo mAM
> paSyati sarvatra, sarvaM ca mayi paSyati). There is nothing more to be said
> really, as far as a definition is concerned.
> *Agree with the definition but not with the assertion that there is nothing
> more to be said. In fact, this definition concerns with seeing which is
> possible in different stages of samadhi but what is there to see in the
> ultimate state? More importanly, a description is not a definition. This

Yes, a description is not a definition, which is why I am asking you to think a
little about what you are looking for.
Also, to clarify, the definition I ventured to give has nothing to do with dRSya
and dRshTa objects or their absence in different states of samAdhi. It has to
do with jnAna that pervades and goes beyond all states, samAdhi included.
I thought it would be obvious that the word "seeing" is used only figuratively
in this definition. 
> definition corresponds to Lord Krishna's definition of "vasudevam sarvam
> iti" but not "nitya yukta eka bhakti:", the one that Lord Krishna considers
> to be His own Self. *

yas tu sarvatra vAsudevaM paSyati, sarvaM ca vAsudeve paSyati, sa eva
Atmeti manyate, sa nitya yukta eka bhakta eva, na vA? kathaM anyathA

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