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After the statement that Mandukya upanishad is for the Sanyashis and the  claims of  new  discoveries on the Mandukya might mean such a scholar to be well-read in Mandukya and also a sanyashi. Why then such a sanyashi has to be different from a sanyasi"in the style of Shankara or much like a Janaka?


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It is not "Mundaka Upanishad",but Mandukyopanishad,and I am right in saying that it is specially for the Sanyasis.
When you say that it is specially for sanyasis, then why are you studying it or 
should i presume that you are a jivanmukta eventhough you are grihastha like 
King Janaka.
May i know your adhikAra for studying this upanishad?
The Mandukyopanishad has nothing to do with the 'shirovrath"
meant for the Mundakopanishad.
It is not mANDukya but muNDaka where this sirOvrata is mentioned.
The 10th mantra of Mund. Upa. says that "sirOvrataM vidhivat yaistu chIrNaM".
 Mandukyopanishad along with Gaudapada karikas is the most difficult of 
all the Upanishads.Many  controversies have been raised on the 
Mandukyopanishad and the Gaudapada karikas and are still being raised 
even today.To understand the Mandukyopanishad,with the Gaudapada karikas
 and the Bhashya of Shankara,it requires a throught understanding of the
 concepts in the Upanishad.
>From the above statements, we presume that you have "thoroughly understood" 
the essence of Mandukya Upanishad and it's rahasyArthAs.  Can you pls enlighten 
us and share those secrets?
namAmi vEda mAtaraM.......

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Dear Sriramji

My Email refers to only"Mandukyopanishad"and not "Mundakaupanishad",where the "Shirovrath'is mentioned.The "Mandukyopanishad"is meant for only "sanyasis"though from the point of Academic interest others are studying it.There are many scholars who have raised many controversies on the Upanishad and the karikas.;I am in the concluding stages of my book on "The Mandukyopanishad and the Gaudapada karikas".
I donot claim to be a "sanyasi"in the style of Shankara or much like a Janaka.I am contributing to this list only to know Adwaita and get clarifications on it and also to share my understanding on it.The Mandukyopanishad and the Gaudapada karikas kindled interest in the beginning even as a student and I have written a book throwing new light upon it and to prove that it is an early book on "Adwaita Vedanta'" by Acharya Gaudapada and to show the Adwaita in its pristine glory and clearing all objections of the scholars being raised.I am prepared to share my thoughts on it if any of the list members are interested in them.
Thanking You,                                               
With regards                                                                            N.Srikanta.
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