[Advaita-l] AppayaDikshita

Sumitha Ramachandran sumitha.rama at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 04:16:44 CDT 2011

                Sri.AppayaDikshita is said to have composed Atmarpana Stuti during his self induced unmathha state. From this it is obvious that his Ishta Devata was Lord Shiva. I hear that he has also authored Shiva Tatva Viveka . 
 He is also the author of Sri Durga Chandrakala Stuti. What was the occassion that made him compose this sloka on the Goddess?
The above mentioned stuti ends like this:
The meaning:
18. whenever and wherever one encounters adversities (this composition) Durga Chandrakalastuti should be chanted both in morning and evening to overcome them.
I also understand that this stuti can also be chanted even if one does not encounter adversity.
What is his Life History? 
Could the learned members kindly reply?
Thanking in advance,
Smt. Sumitha

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