[Advaita-l] Mandukyopanishad for Sanyasis

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Thu Jun 2 00:46:07 CDT 2011

It is not "Mundaka Upanishad",but Mandukyopanishad,and I am right in saying that it is specially for the Sanyasis.
When you say that it is specially for sanyasis, then why are you studying it or 
should i presume that you are a jivanmukta eventhough you are grihastha like 
King Janaka.
May i know your adhikAra for studying this upanishad?
The Mandukyopanishad has nothing to do with the 'shirovrath"
meant for the Mundakopanishad.
It is not mANDukya but muNDaka where this sirOvrata is mentioned.
The 10th mantra of Mund. Upa. says that "sirOvrataM vidhivat yaistu chIrNaM".
The Mandukyopanishad along with Gaudapada karikas is the most difficult of all the Upanishads.Many  controversies have been raised on the Mandukyopanishad and the Gaudapada karikas and are still being raised even today.To understand the Mandukyopanishad,with the Gaudapada karikas and the Bhashya of Shankara,it requires a throught understanding of the concepts in the Upanishad.
>From the above statements, we presume that you have "thoroughly understood" 
the essence of Mandukya Upanishad and it's rahasyArthAs.  Can you pls enlighten 
us and share those secrets?
namAmi vEda mAtaraM.......

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