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SAdara pranAmam,

(b) how can a non-hindu or atheist (nAstika) or any 'outsider', who does
> not want to believe in god & scriptures, but would like to get this jnAna
> (without the aid of shAstra & bhagavanta or outside the traditional
> circle) ??  dont we have any jnAni-s outside hindu Astika saMpradAya ??
They can't.  If it is merely a matter of ignorance as to the details this
can be rectified easy enough but if they don't accept the very principles
Vedanta is based on, how can get jnana which is the result?
The answer seems to contradict sruti.
1.In the commentary of *SUTHA SAMHITA  Sri *Vidyaranya Swami while exploring
the causes for Jnana
concludes that it is *'ahethuka hethukam' ie.no specific reason can be
2.There are sayings of siddhas in tamil that it is obtained only by grace of

Lord (for which there is no reason or 'it is the monopoly of the Lord for
no reason could be given.')
3.Bhagavan Ramana has explicitly stated that  there are realized Mahathmas
even in western countries.
4.So also Sri Chandra Sekhara Bharathi Swamikal also says in a similar way
in a conversation with a foreigner.*cf.Dialogues with the guru*.
  As far as reasoning(*yukthi*) is  considered since Atmaswaroopa is
*nija*(ie.alwayspresent everywhere) it could be realizable
irrespective of time
space and causation.
  As per experience(*anubhava*) is considered
recently the title* Rajarsi Janakananda *published by Yogoda satsanga
society of India shows that there are realized souls elsewhere.
*              *-

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