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> In "mukti neri", sringeri periyava says
> that even in the presence of Ishvara, there is fear when there duality and
> quotes the upanishads. But I didn't why would one fear when there is the
> direct experice of and protection by the lord?

I think the Acharya has in mind the case of the Jaya-Vijaya episode.
 Dvaitins hold that the jiva-s, even as mukta-s, are ever under the control
of Ishwara.  It is but natural that fear is inevitable in this
controller-controlled relationship for there is always the possibility of a
reprimand, a punishment from the Lord who is the karma phala dAtA. Sri
Chandrashekhara Bharati SwamigaL has explicitly cited the Jaya-Vijaya case
as example for the fact that nothing other than the Advaita Mukti can be
mukti in the true sense.  'dviteeyaad vai bhayam bhavati', 'ut aram antaram
kurute atha tasya bhayam bhavati', etc. are some Upanishadic statements on
this topic.


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